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Booth        OCt 12/13            October 19/201
1,2,3  Diamond Club BBQ  Diamond Club BBQ  
 4-5  Funnel Cakes Fried Oreos and Fried Green Beans Funnel Cakes Fried Oreos and Fried Green Beans  
 6-7  FFA Taste of the South and Boiled Peanuts  FFA Taste of the South and Boiled Peanuts  
 8-9  Young Cane Lodge 597 Homemade Hamburgers Hotdogs and Foodlands Famous slaw  Young Cane Lodge 597 Homemade Hamburgers Hotdogs and Foodlands Famous Slaw  
 10-11  Sammie's Subs   Sammie's Subs  
 12   American Legion Post 121   American Legion Post 121  
 13-14  Walk and Go Snacks and Mountain Crafts  Walk and Go Snacks and Mountain Crafts  
 15  Rustic Wooden Flags   MACA Soups on the Go, Chicken Dumplings and Potato Bar  Cruise Raffle Gun Raffle  
 16  Della Ree Designs and Jewelry   MACA   
 17  Lots of Licks All Natural Pet Treats  Lots of Licks All Natural Pet Treats  
   Old Timers Sit A Spell   Puppet Man  
 18  Nana and Papa Ice Cream  Nana and Papa Ice Cream  
 19  Sew Vinyly Made  Sew Vinyly Made  
 20  Princess and Pirates Face Painting   Princess and Pirates Face Painting  
 21  Debra Wreaths and Crafts  Debra Wreath and Crafts  
   Mels Speed Pitching  Mels Speed Pitch  
 22  TUTU Cutesy Boutique  Photography/ Pottery  
 23  Gray Custom Knives  Gray Custom Knifes   
 24-25  Brian Ledford Wood Craving   Brian Ledford Wood Craving   
 26  Nan Hancock Fabrics  Nan Hancock Fabrics  
 27  Berry Honey  Berry Honey  
   I Saw a Bear Chainsaw Art    
 28  Pork Skins  Pork Skins  
 29  Two Girls in a Funk  Two Girls in a Funk  
 30  Born Again Creations  Southern Orchid Candles and Soaps  
 31  Natures Lights   Natures Lights  
 32  POP POP Nuts  Pop Pop Nuts  
 33  D and S Custom Leather  TBA  
 34  Odens Creations  Odens Creations  
 35-36  Kettle Corn and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade   Kettle Corn and Fresh Squeezed Lemonade  
 37  Pistol and Pearls Jewelry  Racheal Dockery Jewls  
 38  Edna O Connor Fabrics  Edna O Conner Fabrics  
 39  Natures Collectibles   Natures Collectibles   
 40-41  Taste Of Hawaii  Taste of Hawaii  
 42   Whites Wood Turning  Whites Wood Turning  
 43-44  J& H Craft and Sew Creations   J&H Craft and Sew Creations  
 45   Bo and Glo Handmade Items  Bo and Glo Handmade Items  
 46  Disabled Veterans Association  Disabled Veterans Association  
 47  Mountain Kate Designs Bathing Essentials  The Book Bender  
 48  Long Mountain Blacksmith  Long Mountain Blacksmith  
   Designs By Shookey  Designs By Shookey  
 49  Jaimoe Knives   Jaimoe Knives   
50-51   Ferguson Pottery  Ferguson Pottery  
   Keto It Works    
 52  Stover Knob Wood Works  Stover Knob Wood Works   
   Blairsville Sorghum Festival T Shirts  Blairsville Sorghum Festival T Shirts  
   Lisa's Sorghum Festival Food Booth  Lisa Sorghum Festival Food Booth  
 53  Kids Bungee/ Gyro ATM Machine  Kids Bungee/ Gyro ATM Machine  
 54  Jim-N-I Creations   Jim-N-I Creations  
 55  Lotv Herbals  Lotv Herbals  
 56  Sullivan Morris Pottery  Sullivan Morris Pottery  
 57  Rena Treasured Gifts  Marine Corp  
 58  Bone Valley Knifes   Bone Valley Knifes  
 59  Beautiful Pigeon Creative Wreaths  Grams Hope Chest  
 60   Krystle Creation Jewelry  Krystle Creation Jewelry  
 61  Renea Crafty Creations  Renea Crafty Creations  
 62  Welkers Wooden Toys  Welkers Wooden Toys   
 63  One Of a Kind Crochett  TMJ Designs GA  
 64-65  Pillow Presents  Pillow Presents  
 66  Pine Branch Designs  Pine Branch Designs  
 67  Tyler McCollum Artwork  TBA  
 68  Hogseds Pottery and Glass  Papa Wood Shed  
 69   All Twisted Up Design  All Twisted Up Design  
 70  Southern Jewls  Southern Jewls  
 71   Southern Revival Stained Glass  Southern Revival Stained Glass  
 Booth   Oct 12/13  Oct 19/20  
 72  Ralpha Rub  Ralpha Rub  
 73  Embroidery   Baskets and More by Sandy and Mary Ellen  
 74  Luv and Mountain Soaps  Luv and Mountain Soaps  
 75   Red Gate Pottery  Red Gate Pottery  
 76-79  Kids Games  Kids Games  
 80-81  Ace High Leather  Ace High Leather  
 82-84  Gloria Creations  Gloria Creations  
 85   Country Cousins  Country Cousins  
 86  Jim Craig Knifes  Off the Map Bee and Body  
 87  Sunshine Covers Crochet  Sunshine Covers Crochet  
 88  Sons OF Confederate Veterans  Sons of Confederate Veterans  
   Blairsville Cruisers Car Raffle  Blairsville Cruisers Car Raffle  
 89  Sassy Bell Delights  Sassy Bell Delights  
 90  Fast Fab  Fast Fab  
 91   Crafts from me by Peggy Lee  Crafts from me by Peggy Lee  
 92  Walker Jewelry  Walker Jewelry  
 93  Thingamajigs  Thingamajigs  
 94  Karen's Custom Signs  TBA  
 95  New Land Knives and Blacksmith  TBA  
 96  Castoff Pet Rescue   Castoff Pet Rescue  
   UC 4 H BB Shooting Station  UC 4H BB Shooting Station  
 97  Frank the Moonshiner  Frank the Moonshiner  
 98  Rachel Dockery Jewls  TBA  
 99-100  Unusual Finds   Unusual Finds  
 101  Blairsville Gideon's  Blairsville Gideon's  
 102  TBA  TBA  
 103  Paulette's Creations   Paulette's Creations  
 104  Kudzu King  TBA  
 105-107  Miss Jenny Soaps and More  Miss Jenny Soaps and More  
 108  Right from the Start  Right from the Start  
 109  Photos by J Blue  TBA  
 110  Smoky Mountain Candles  TBA  
 111-112  Rustic Mountain Home Décor  Rustic Mountain Home Décor  
 113  Papa D Beef Jerky  Papa D Beef Jerky  
 114  Three Girls Pearls  Three Girls Pearls  
 115  Magnanimous Beard and Body Oil TBA  
 116  UC Fire Dept  UC Fire Dept  
 117   Lilly Clover Gifts  Lilly Clover Gifts  
 118  Visions Created Photography  Visions Created Photography  
 119  TBA  TBA  
 120   David's Handy Work  David's Handy Work  
 121-122  Sharon Home Décor  Sharon Home Décor  
 123  Norms Wilderness Exhibit  Norms Wilderness Exhibit  
 124   Union County Fishing Team Raffle  Union County Fishing Team Raffle  
 125   Grist Mill  Grist Mill  
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